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  • We're Debbie & Ruth, UK Wedding photographers based in Camberley, Surrey. We've been best friends for over 15 years & photographing weddings together for 10.

    We absolutely love Weddings! Our tagline is "Weddings to smile about" & we want this so much for you when you're looking back at your photos.

    Ask anyone who's been involved in a wedding & they will all tell you how quickly the day goes by. So many moments happening here there & everywhere. Fear not, thats where we come into our own.
    As well as gorgeous portraits of you guys, we get involved in the day & the party. From the morning preparations, through to the first dance, our aim for the day is to be more like one of the guests or an extra Bridesmaid you didn't know you needed. We blend in & this means we see all the fun & real elements of your awesome day. The love, laughter & tears & even the spills & the falls, we’re gonna see it all & cause of that, so will you!

    Make yourselves a brew & take look at some our favourite wedding photos Head over to the Blog for lots of gorgeous weddings. Or are you looking to find out more about us?

    If you like what you see, & we sound like your ideal photographers, then let's get the ball rolling.

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