Aaron & Chloe’s Horsley Towers Wedding

Ok, so i’m just gonna go right out & say it, it rained ALOT on Chloe & Aaron’s wedding day. We felt for them, but knew that their day would not be dampened by it.

Chloe was getting ready at her parents house. It was in full swing when we arrived, there were bridesmaids hair chains happening in one room, make up in another & Chloe getting dolled up in the dining room & Chloe’s dad hiding out in the den 🙂

We love these behind the scenes parts we get to see. So much excitement & joy. There were quite a few OH MY GOD YOURE GETTING MARRIED TODAY moments from the girls, almost like they’d forgotten for a bit.

I then headed over to the church to meet with Aaron & the guys. I don’t normally see this bit, as I am normally with the girls till they leave, but we changed things up today. He was nice & relaxed, more miffed at where one of his groomsmen had disappeared to when we needed to do photo’s (by the way, happens all the time) seeing everyone arrive & their joy & excitement as they walked in the doors of the church, was really cool.

After the ceremony it was still raining, so we headed over to Horsley Towers, such a shame the weather was as it was, as the venue is amazing, but inside is just as nice, so we headed down to the Cloisters & the private chapel for some portraits.  The weather broke in the evening after dinner, so we ran outside for a couple of outside shots before it started again.

We had such a great day with you guys & hope you had an amazing wedding day. Here’s some of our favourites.

Enjoy Ruth & Debbie

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