Sam & Izzy’s Clock Barn Pre shoot

Gorgeous autumnal golden light greeted us for Sam & Izzy’s Pre shoot. We planned the shoot around the time their ceremony would end, so they & we had an idea of where & how the light would fall.

Pre shoots are great. Hands down, it’s the best thing you & your fiancé can do for your wedding. It’s great walking round with couples, you can envision their day with them, the excitement they have & the little cheeky smiles they keep giving each other like a little pinch me moment. It’s adorable to watch. Even if you think you hate having your picture taken, or you won’t be natural in front of the camera, do it! & trust us. It also allows us to be creative & try different things. So you’re helping us too.

Sam & Izzy have booked Clock Barn in Whitchurch. We’re excited to be here for the first time & have loved hearing them talk about Clock Barn & the hugeeee smiles they’ve had on their faces overtime. They’ve also picked the best time of year. Autumn, is my favourite time of the year, I love the cool crisp air & the rustling & crunching of leaves under your feet, but most of all, I love the colours. The gorgeous golden  autumnal light you get, you just can’t beat it.

They had warned us, well told us about the long drive, as it’s one of their favourite parts of the venue, but we didn’t expect to rock up to what we did. It’s amazing! Small farm track surrounded by rolling fields aplenty & an added bonus of grouse & pheasants running across the roads. It’s a warren of old farm buildings, which I love! so much choice of where to shoot & the barn itself is great, a huge space with 3 different sections, for ceremony & reception. Eeeeeeeeeeek, I can’t wait to be back, fingers crossed, we luck out with the same gorgeous weather.

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