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  • Awesome Wedding photography to smile about!

    We're Debbie & Ruth. Longtime friends who love sarcasm, stationery, Drinking & snacks. We are awesome alternative wedding photographers, who do creative & fun wedding photography all across the UK . We're pretty fun people to be around & love being Wedding Photographer's, I mean who wouldn't? We get to go to weddings every weekend, hang around with awesome people, witness crazy shenanigans & have a load of fun whilst doing it.

    FYI, we're likely to get fully involved in your super fun awesome wedding, we'll happily chat to your guests & get to know everyone. We'll take pictures too, & try not to tell you what to do, I mean why would you listen anyway :) we don't get in the way, unless it's for an epic photo, then we will be pushing people out the way & by the end of the day, we'll all be mates.

    If this sounds like your cup of Tea or Coffee, we prefer coffee, then press the enquire button to the left.

  • If you think our work is awesome, get in touch!email us at Call Debbie on 07957 688744 or Ruth on 07852 719276

Awesome Wedding Photography in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire & all over the UK.

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