Hello friends

We're glad you're here

So, here’s the thing.

We've not been taking pictures since we were knee high to something… we both discovered photography in our teens as the idea of using something we loved to enable us to travel the world taking photos. 

We found out we had music in common too; not the same kind as Debbie is a heavy metal kinda gal and Ruth.... well she's a pop girl at heart.

13 years ago, our adventure started. We met when we started working in a photo lab together. We soon became firm friends, and by a chance conversation one rainy afternoon, we formed Red Door. 

Since then the Red Door business and family has grown. Debbie and her partner Ross have two gorgeous boys called Ryan & Logan and Ruth married Ian and they have two dogs, Callie and Blossom. 

We've learnt a lot in the last 13 years. Mainly that we both had a crazy addiction to crisps, stationery and Amazon Prime. 

We also have telepathic bond! Not kidding… it's kinda creepy, we seem to know what the other is thinking, finish each other’s sentences, say the same things at the same time and have even sent the same messages to each other. 

The business has undergone some changes during it’s lifetime; mainly streamlining the services we offer. We have a great love for what we do, so we dedicate our time to photographing gorgeous weddings and our newborn & cake smash photography (Tiny Tots, Teeny Treasures).

This leads us to where we are today! We'd love to hear about your exciting adventures and to swap stories! Drop us a line…

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