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Get to know Ruth & Debbie


This is me, Ruth! Don’t I scrub up well? The other stunner is Ian, he’s my lovely hubby. Not to state the obvious, but this was our wedding day in 2008! So young & fresh faced.

We planned a bloody good day & it fuelled my crazy love of weddings. 

I’m a Prosecco swilling, crisp munching, cake eating crazy dog lady! I love stationery, food, sparkly things, colourful things & long walks in the park LOL!

My Sky box say’s a lot about me, as does my iTunes account. You’ll see from them, that I have a thing for trashy TV, especially Hallmark movies & I love music. If I didn’t go into photography, then I woulda defiantly had a job in the music field. I’m a little bit rock, a little bit pop & a little bit country, depending on the day of the week, but I love a sing song & a great boogey.

My fav tv show (aside from neighbours, but thats real so it’s ok) is It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

Here’s some more key things (aka random shit) you will definitely wan’t to know.

Callie Pup & The Wonderhound

Meet Callie (The big one) & Blossom (The little one). Balls of super fluff & they love to say hello.


These little pillows of goodness are my nemesis.

Ramsay street

Neighbours is my guilty pleasure. Always have time in the day for these guys.


I don't have a head for them!


Behind every successful person, is a substantial amount of coffee


are my favourite flower.


Is my favourite time of the year.


are number 1 on my travel wish list.


I am a bit of a Apple lover, however, my desk is definitely not that tidy! Maybe one day!

 Ruth Xx





Debbie’s Fun Facts


Walk past my house & you'll probably see me dancing in my kitchen to rock and metal blaring from my 1983 Boombox!


I have 2 awesome boys, Ryan my biggest & Logan my littlest

Spicy food

I can't get enough chilli, I even have a dedicated Hot Sauce cupboard!


Home and Away and Neighbours take up an hour of my day during the week.


I'm a veggie, a proper one that doesn't eat fish!! It doesn't mean I only eat goats cheese tart though! Haha!!


It's my favourite season, long evening mean more braai's (South African family) and time for that last pint!


Zombie bags and anything with skull print are a must have for me. I'm quite partial to ear piercings too.


It's very long, although I recently had two foot cut off! It was pretty much down to my ankles.


Ale, Red wine and Spiced Rum are my favourite drinks, not all together... well except on special occasions!