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Hi, we're Debbie & Ruth. Fun and Creative wedding photographers, who bring bags of fun, a fair amount of sarcasm & all round good vibes to all our shoots.
Weddings are Super fun. Especially fun one's! We love 'em. They make us feel like we have these great social lives and loads of friends. Cause inevitably, we will be friends (we hope).

The best photos are the spontaneous and natural ones. You know the ones! Full of genuine lol's and emotion taken without an Annoying, Bossy or Invasive voice barking orders. Follow this link to read more about our approach to relaxed wedding photography.

Hang around for a bit. Scroll through the galleries to see some of our favourite images. Or check out the Blog where you'll find recent weddings and all the shenanigans. Or if you'd like to have a chat about your wedding, then just give us a Holla via the contact form.

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Relaxed Wedding Photographers

Fun and Creative Surrey Wedding Photographer for awesome couples planning Super fun Weddings.

Our job is awesome, we absolutely love it and realise how lucky we are. All our couples are different with one thing in common LOVE. Love to everyone is different. To some it’s Vegging out all weekend to a weird Netflix show, arguing about what takeaway to get, laughing so hard at each other you pee a little.

Specialising in Fun, natural and creative wedding photography. We are all about capturing the natural and spontaneous moments without being annoying, invasive or bossy. In fact, quite the opposite, we are  Surrey wedding photographers who are super friendly and bring this, along with our relaxed and stress-free approach to your wedding day, which helps us capture your day perfectly.

Are we the right photographers for you?

Well, hopefully, our photographs speak to you and for themselves! However, we fully believe it’s not just all about the end product. We’ll spend the day together, so feeling confident and comfortable around us is important.  To help you feel at ease, and we always strive to make our sessions full of laughter and fun. As this helps keep you at ease and create lovely photo’s. So believe us when we say we’re not bossy or invasive. We always enjoy having a laugh and have been told we’re nice and fun people to be around…….this is good to know for your wedding day.

We’ve been friends and photographers for over 15 years. We met when we started working in a photo lab together and soon became firm friends. A chance conversation one rainy afternoon led to starting Red Door Photography and we’ve not looked back. Since then the red door business and family has grown and we love being Surrey wedding photographers.

Drop us an email and tell us all about your awesome Wedding plans. We love to hear from you and chat about weddings. We offer a no-obligation consult, where we can sit down over a drink and get to know you guys and you can look through our portfolio.

Surrey wedding photographer. Fun wedding photographer, relaxed wedding photogrer. Selection of our favourite images showing couples in love.

We’re also Surrey baby photographers over at Tiny tots Teeny treasures.