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Hi! we're Ruth & Debbie. Emotive wedding photographers in the wonderful metropolis of Surrey and Berkshire, but we shoot weddings all over the UK or wherever you'd like to take us. As you can see our wedding photography style is natural, vibrant and happy. Having 2 photographers, means we capture EVERYTHING about your awesome day, but especially, we love witnessing and capturing all the joyful, happy, natural and fleeting moments.

For us, the best things about being a wedding photographer are getting to hang out with great people take awesome photos, and working five days a week in our PJs. That last bit's a lie! It's more like 3 out of 5 days. We have to adult sometimes, but we also run a studio, specialising in Newborn, baby and Cake smash photography in Camberley.

Our couples are super relaxed and love to have a good time. Their wedding, is all about having a wonderful time eating, drinking and celebrating with their favourite people. They are looking for someone to capture the day as it happens. The tears and the laughter. The big moments and the little ones in between. They want to feel relaxed and at ease all day and the last thing they want is a photographer who bosses them about and makes them pose all day. 

If this sounds like you, and you don’t think we're total nutcases (or maybe you do and you like it!) 


Surrey wedding photographer: Ruth

For me, the best thing about being a Surrey wedding photographer is that I get to meet loads of new people and watch them having a great time.

I share my beautiful house with Ian (my wonderful and tolerant husband) We got married back in 2008 and had the BEST day. We also have 2 crazy doodle dogs. Callie (labradoodle) & Blossom (Cockerpoo). Often referred to as Callie pup and the Wonderhound, they are mental balls of fluff, who never say no to a cuddle and some cheese!  

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My favourite things in the world are Neighbours, stationery, Prosecco, laughing and eating cold pizza for breakfast, and when I’m not shooting weddings or smashing cake you’ll find me curled up on the sofa napping with the dogs. I’m living the dream with an afternoon nap most days.

I couldn’t live without Starbucks coffee…..Vanilla latte being my particular favourite, my friends and family and Buffalo wings. I spend a lot of time at home or out walking the dogs, but mainly just love spending time with my favourite people and nothing makes me happier than when I go round someone’s house and they have a dog.

I kind of fell into photography, via my dad. He always had a camera in-hand when we were kids. Which I’m so grateful for now I’m older. I remember a family holiday to Australia and being super excited when I was finally trusted using it. I’m still so proud of the pictures I took. It definitely sparked my creative side and there was a little competition between myself & my dad and who took the best picture. It was my love of people watching that inspired me to become a wedding photographer. I’ve been a Surrey wedding photographer for 10 years with Red Door and it’s been, and still is awesome! I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Get to know Ruth & Debbie of Red door Photography. Fun wedding photographers in Surrey

Fun wedding photography is all about love & laughter.

We’re not into the forced posing. We love catching the natural fun moments as they happen. We’re not afraid to get in there and seek out the real emotions. By immersing ourselves in your day, we produce fun, natural & creative photographs that are jam-packed with emotion.



My favourite things in the world are eating cold pizza for breakfast and Music, and when I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me chilling on the sofa or Dancing in my kitchen. I couldn’t live without music, good food and my friends and family. I spend a lot of time at home with my favourite people. My other half Ross, kids Ryan and Logan and pets Bebop and Rocksteady – the guinea pigs and last but not least Krang and Shredder – the degus. Nothing makes me happier than laughing with my friends. My love of art is what got me into photography. I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10 years and I’m having such a blast. The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to meet loads of new people and Create awesome memories for them to treasure forever. For me, the best bit about a wedding day is the party, because everyone lets their hair down.


If this sounds like you, and you don’t think we’re total dicks (or maybe you do and you like it!) then get in touch and say hello. We can’t wait to hear about all your awesome wedding plans.