Questions for Surrey wedding photographer.

What kind of wedding photographers are you?

First off, we are awesome 🙂 & a refreshing break from the norm. We are different to the photographers you’ve seen at your mates’ weddings, well unless they booked us, in that case, yes we are, but only in that case! We like to submerse ourselves in whats going on & make you, your families & friends feel comfortable. We leave the wedding feeling more like a guest.

Our style is mainly documentary, so aside from the obligatory group shots, we capture natural, candid moments of all the awesome parts of your day.

How far in advance should we book?

Our calendar fills up quickly, as there are only 2 of us & we are only able to book 1 wedding a day, so you should plan to book as soon as you can. If we are booked, we have another couple of awesome contacts we can send your way.

Have you shot at our venue before?

Chances are that we have come across your venue in the past 8 years. However, WE LOVE shooting at new venues, and seeing a location with fresh eyes is very valuable as well! We travel quite frequently for weddings so even if we’ve not been to your location before, we will do an excellent job capturing it. We also do a Pre Wedding Shoot with you prior to the wedding day, it’s the perfect time to scout it to make sure we know where the best spots to shoot are!

We’re on a budget, can we have a deal?

Our prices have been carefully curated and priced according to their value, so the short answer is “No”. However, no two weddings are alike and as such, we would love to create a custom package that suits exactly what you need! Please contact us for details!

What happens after?

We do a Blog page for you a couple of days after your wedding, we will also post the link to our Facebook page. We then aim to have the photos uploaded to your private gallery & in your inbox about 4-5 weeks after your wedding & then will post your USB out to you a week or so later.Printed items take longer, but don’t worry, we’ll let you know all the details & keep you posted.

Who owns the copyright?

We do, but you have the rights to print the images, you just can’t edit them or use them in ways that will break the Copyright laws, yeah this includes “playing around in photoshop, cause I like to edit” putting them on Social media & adding a horrible filter. Please don’t do this, they don’t look good as I’ve already made them look spectacular.  Obvs, you can post on Insta & Facebook, we love seeing the love for our work, so be sure to link to us online too, & let everyone know who shot your awesome wedding.

Yep, you’re hired! How do we reserve our Wedding date?

Great! Good choice!  Drop us a message  & we’ll check our availability. We can get together for a coffee, Tea or stronger beverage & have an informal chat. We know the importance of you both needing to be comfortable with us, we’re pretty much gonna be in your eyeline for the whole of your wedding day, so this is an opportunity to see how well we get on as much as it is to talk photography or if your 100% sure, we’ll send you the booking form.