Sam & Eleanor: Highfield Park

Well the weather for 2016 Wedding season has certainly been a mixed bag, so many storms & Sam & Eleanor’s Easter Monday celebration was no exception. Wind, Sun, rain & hail, were no match for these 2 & their amazing friends & family.

It was a great day with the whole of their church community coming out to witness their marriage, they even organised Tea, coffee & cakes for the congregation afterwards, which was really lovely, a chance for everyone to enjoy & reflect what had just happened. We then headed over to the lovely Highfield Park for the Wedding Reception & Breakfast. We managed a whole 5 mins of photo’s outside before the rain started, but it didn’t matter, the house is stunning, so we headed inside for some, we had to interrupt the kids Easter Egg hunt for a bit, but I think they forgave us.

We had such a fun day with these guys & stayed till just after First Dance, the band made sure the dance floor was full & we have no doubt the party continued wayyyyy into the evening.

Hope you’ve had an amazing Honeymoon & enjoy your sneak peeks.

Ruth & Debbie Xx


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